We care about you! Your comfort is very important to us throughout your visits.
Dr. Anderson and his staff offer comprehensive dental services to ensure you receive the treatment and care you need.

Our desire is to provide a wide range of services to our patients. At times we will refer to specialists to help us provide the best results for our patients. When possible, we will complete all of your treatment in our office. Below are a list of services we can provide.

General Dentistry

Comprehensive treatment to restore optimum oral health is our goal. We plan with you how best to accomplish this through a wide range of services, including:

  • Fillings: We provide only tooth colored fillings in our office.
  • Crowns: Designed to repair broken or compromised teeth. Modern crowns are made from materials that are both strong and esthetic. These crowns can blend in very well with your natural teeth.
  • Bridges: Designed to replace one or more missing teeth. These bridges rely on adjacent teeth for support and are not taken in and out of the mouth. Our bridges are also made out of strong and esthetic materials.
  • Partial Dentures: To replace multiple missing teeth. No nickel is used in any of our metal frameworks.
  • Full Dentures: We offer replacement or initial placement dentures. If you have teeth to be extracted, we are able to make dentures for you in such a way that you are never without teeth!
  • Root Canal Services: We can recommend a highly qualified endodontist.
  • Periodontal Treatment: Working closely with our own hygiene department, we treat disease of the supporting structures of the teeth, the gums and jaws, to help keep compromised teeth as long as possible and to prevent progress of the disease.
  • Athletic Mouth Guards: Every athlete in most sports should have a custom made mouth guard. Children and adults can benefit from these special appliances, which work far better than generic mouth guards.
  • Sealants: All back teeth which have grooved surfaces are susceptable to decay. Most of this can be prevented by having these surfaces specially etched and sealed. This is best done as soon as the adult teeth are erupted.
  • Extractions: We perform nearly all types of extractions here in our office, in as gentle a manner as possible. Based on each individual’s needs, we plan extraction procedures to minimize discomfort. For those requiring sedation, and for some full bony impactions we may refer to one of several board certified oral surgeons.
  • TMJ Treatment: The joints of the jaws are the most complicated in the human body and can cause significant pain if they are damaged, misaligned, or dislocated. We can diagnose and treat these problems in most cases, and have access to state of the art techniques through our referral specialists.
  • Orthodontics: Minor tooth movement can often be accomplished through the use of removable, active orthodontic appliances. Where full banded braces are necessary, we can recommend experienced board certified orthodontists that work closely with us to serve you.
  • Education: We are anxious to educate each of our patients in home care and the use of dental home instruments, as well as nutrition counseling, and to provide reading material to educate in any areas of dentistry that our patients have interest in.

Other Services Available

CEREC - Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics
Dr. Anderson does ceramic restorations such as inlays, partial crowns, and crowns in a single session, usually less than two hours. CEREC stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

How does CEREC work?

First, Dr. Anderson prepares the damaged tooth by painting a thin layer of reflective powder directly on the tooth’s surface. Using a special camera, he then takes a picture of the tooth.  Dr. Anderson works from this photo, which is actually a pin-sharp optical impression of the tooth.

Computer Aided Design (CAD) technology helps Dr. Anderson design the restoration from the optical impression. design is done chairside on a color monitor. Patients can watch the dentist design the new restoration right in front of their eyes!

Then Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) creates the restoration while the patient waits. The tooth is milled out of a block of ceramic material that matches the patient’s tooth color. CAM uses two high-speed diamond burs simultaneously to mill a precise restoration. The milling takes about 20 minutes. Finally, Dr. Anderson bonds the newly milled restoration to the tooth using an adhesive.

Digital Radiology Greatly Reduces Exposure to Radiation!
In our office we no longer use traditional x-ray film.  Instead a sensor is placed in position and the tube is set to deliver up to 90 percent less radiation than film requires. No more waiting for the slow process of developing film, and no more chemicals to develop and fix the film. With this system, known as Computed Dental Radiography, or CDR, the image is immediately shown on the computer monitor for you to see. You’ll see clear, large images of your dental structures, instead of having to squint at tiny films as in the past. All this helps us to better analyze your dental condition, and to more effectively communicate to you, our patient. We will even be able to supply you with high-quality printed copies of these images, as well as digital photographs that can be taken with the same computerized system. This system is at the cutting edge of technology, and will help us to provide you with the safest, most advanced dental diagnosis and treatment available. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to call (301)334-4485.
We prefer to perform a comprehensive exam with x-rays when needed at regular intervals. At each exam Dr. Anderson himself will look for any signs of oral disease and will also complete a cancer screening. Although rare, in most cases where oral cancer occurs, it is diagnosed first by the dentist. All other problems are noted and discussed with you before planning the treatment. We will explain the options available and answer your questions to help you make responsible decisions about your treatment.
Hygiene and Periodontal Care
Our hygienists are highly trained professionals, who will strive together with you to keep your oral health at its best. Each person has a different oral environment, and we customize our treatment to best serve you.
Cosmetic Dentistry
Includes bonding services and tooth whitening where indicated. Ask about the various options. An exam is always indicated before treatment recommendations can be made.
Anti-snoring Appliance
Many people can be effectively treated for chronic snoring disorders.
Smoking-cessation counseling
We can educate, motivate, and prescribe as needed to help you quit for good.
Other Dental Services
We trust you will call if any other questions arise. We are here to serve you.